Best implant choice for my situation

Hey all I have a quick question I need some help with , I finally have the means to buy an implant or two and need help deciding.
I require one implant that sends people to my website when they make contact with it on their nfc enabled mobile phone .
The other i was thinking of getting is the spark 2 , from what I understand it can be used for unlocking my laptop etc and certain websites?
I also require that one of the implants can be used for accessing my office using some sort of RFID or NFC lock or access control system(using an arduini, I want to be able to automatically store on my laptop or in log timestamp of when ever the door is accessed etc.)
I will also be purchasing a hidden rfid or nfc vent safe and it would be nice to have that accessible using my implant. Another bonus would be the ability to open my car with it also . Is there a particular set of implants or one implant that could do all this?
Any help or information is appreciated.
Thank you ,

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NExT would be my choice for this.

NExT NT side for the website and either NT or EM side for the doors etc.
EM side with the xEM access controller for the car.
But you should also consider a flexNT, it will be easier to send people to your website and will connect to some NFC locks where the next fails due to its size/form.

You can surely find something else, but I use the KBR1 for PC login, it’s just zero work with NFC implants. (With *NT).

And yeah a Spark allows you access to some websites like the Vivokey Forum.

It’s also the last thing you want to do if you want to avoid having to change your password to a weak hex number.

Just append it to your existing passwords if you’re paranoid: pseudo-2FA.

Not paranoid. Just pointing it out. As for doing 2FA with a typed password, it kind of negates the appeal of NFC login imho.

With keyboard wedges, I’m more concerned about the thing autotyping your UID / password in an open chat channel because you happened to brush again the reader with your hand.

Thank you guys, I have decided on the xsiid with led and a Next implant :blush: just couldn’t really see the use in a spark for now . Maybe next year.
Anyone have any arduino rfid projects they could share?