Best Locations for multiple implants - Suggestions?

I am looking to implant most of my implants asap but figured I’d ask about popular and/or easy to inject/implant locations. Using the numbered locations form the installation guide and having four implants in my bundle (NeXT, SIID xLED, Spark2 and xM1) I’ve decided on L0 and R0 for the NeXT and the SIID xLED. Not sure which side for which but I’m right handed. My main question is if I decide to implant the xM1 where would an easy location be after using L0 and R0 for the larger implants (NeXT & SIID). Also, is there any reasoning on why the NeXT vs the SIID xLED should be in the right hand vs Left (Once again, right handed)? I may wait on the Spark2 because of the upcoming Apex.

I plan to setup computer login, door access in a couple areas and maybe a digital contact share between the chips just for starters.

With the NeXT & SIID xLED on the right and left hand, where should I go for the xM1 in your opinion? Also, if I decide to inject the Spark 2 (not sure) where would a another popular/easy injectable spot be for that 4th chip?

Hoping to just lock down my final locations and have my in-house med specialist do the implants.


I did 3 in my left hand
I like the locations, you could simply change what chips are where

my XEM and NEXT are very easy to present to wall mounted readers, and the xsiid is nice to present to a cellphone in someone else’s hand

Presenting my XSIID to a wall might be a bit awkward

Food for thought

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Great info and thanks for illustrating where your implants are located. This is the input I was looking for and good point made on the SIID xLED since it will likely be the chip that you show off to others.

I think I’ll check out some info on implants on the top of the wrist area where you have your NeXT implant. It makes sense for introducing to readers but I haven’t seen much for implant videos or “how to” info in implanting in that location.


I got the exact same implants today as well.

My plan was to place:
NExT - L0 (xEM for car lock & xNT for trolling and small use)
xSIID - L1 (for contact sharing and business card)
Spark 2 - R0 (for all personal/security locks)
xM1 - R1 (for work access mostly. Or public transport/other door access)

location 5 looks pretty enticing though, definitely easy for wall readers.

my locations :slight_smile:
Yeah I’m a bit a freak g



Just a follow-up question regarding implanting in area L0/R0 in general. When originally researching implants I noticed in a few video’s that Jowan Osterlund (Biohax - Sweden) uses the same style injectors/implants but when implanting in the L0/R0 location on the videos he injects in the opposite direction as is on the DT installation guide (outward towards the finger(s) instead of inward towards the hand). Is there a specific reason that this is done differently at DT?

Just curious,

Just depends on the installer. I’m sure many people have had their DT implants installed that way.

A lot of it is indeed just personal preference, same as bevel up and bevel down. I think one reason that a lot of people prefer amal’s way is simply due to comfort. It’s a lot easier to inject someone in that direction when you’re sitting across from them. Going the other direction would be a bit more uncomfortable I’d imagine. I know a lot of people go the opposite direction when they self install, just due to ergonomics.

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I figured it was probably a preference thing.


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Like the others said its personal preference but it does make sense if you think about it yes more awkward but also your not pushing toward anything the worst you can do is come back out rather than jab bone etc.

Basically that.
In both cases actually DT’s way is a bit safer for someone with less experience.

Coming into pos 0 from the front is less akward. If you come from behind (outward towards the finger) you are more prone to a twitch taking you by surprise, and you end up being in a less intuitive position.

Same thing regarding bevel. There is a slight tendency for people to angle the needle towards the bevel facing. If you face it down and consequently angle it down, you just end implanting it a bit deeper. But if you angle it up and screw up, you might come out through the skin.

So I like that DT recomends it as they do, but I would not judge an experienced installer if he does it differently.