Best magnet for the fingertip

The xG3 is for lifting, not sensing.


The chances of the glass breaking if you held something would increase with it running in line with the finger

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Less so if you had it installed parallel to the finger bones than perpendicular.

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hmmm, all very good points! thank you! <3

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how so? id think gripping a hard surface with it running parallel would put more force on a smaller area of the glass, causing it to break easier than if it was perpendicular, seeing as the force would be distributed along the entire side of the glass.

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Parallel with the bone has one advantage… the chance of it sliding to either side of the bone is much better than if it lay across it.


fair enough! i was looking into it too much from the eyes of the weakest point of the structure


Amal, any chance you could do a limited run of some sensing implants?

Sorry for jumping in, I know you asked Amal directly.
I can’t speak on his behalf but I can have a guess at what the answer will be, and understandably.
Dangerous things I’m sure would like to provide these to the community, but they won’t put out an inferior and more importantly an unsafe product. At the moment the coating technology and magnet performance cannot align.
If you haven’t already do a search through the forum about the coating issues, here is a link to @Satur9 comment which explains it within a good thread also.
Amals video incase you haven’t seen it

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Thanks for that…
I watched the video and I heard this bit:

“or… you know… it would make the cost of the magnet hundreds and hundreds of dollars…”

@amal I’m ok with hundreds and hundreds of dollars - this will be a tool as well as a toy for me … so if there are any plans for a limited alpha run or similar, let me know.

The problem isn’t primarily cost, it’s the lack of reliability and scalability. Testing out experimental magnet coatings on customers isn’t a business model. If you want to purchase a sensing magnet from a limited alpha run, you can check out the biohack forum.

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PM me.


Sorry, I’m only new here so pardon me if I mis-step here, are you a business partner at DM?

Im happy to fund the R&D (so to speak) through the bleeding-edge surcharge to get what I want tailored to my specific needs, and at the same time, Amal gets to sink his brain into something new.

No, you’re right, it’s not a business model, but I would rather like to think of it as a joint problem-solving venture. I don’t mind being an alpha tester, if it fails it fails, c’est la vie.

I will have a look at the biohack forum, but honestly, I’d like to see what new ideas our resident bioengineer has cooking up since the last attempts. So if it’s cool with you, I’d like Amal to answer for himself - and if he is not interested or too busy, that’s cool too - i’m easy.

Yep @Satur9 is working on new VivoKey stuff with me :slight_smile:


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Springtime? Early summer?

Depending on your hemisphere of course… I hope… :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :wink:

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