Best process for me to replace xNT?

Hello all!

I have the NT NFC chip in my left hand since 2014 and the EM rfid in my right hand since 2016.

I didn’t go a great job of aftercare for the EM in my right hand and so it migrated a bit but never has caused my issues. It’s recently started to irritate me a little bit and I’m looking to get it out.

My goal is to replace it with another implant.

I’m unsure if it’s better for me to replace it with another implant on the spot or to wait? My gut says wait but I’m curious what others recommend? And maybe how long it makes sense to wait?

And if anyone has any fun suggestions on which chip to get I’m all ears!


If you want a glassy I would consider the NeXT. Otherwise you might want to wait for the Apex Flex.

Although realistically What is you use case? Depending on what you use it for/want to use it for there are many possible suggestions.

Oo I’ll look into the apex flex.

Honestly, I didn’t use the nfc chip for much. I pretty much only used it to tap people’s phone to send them to my website as a sort of resume. So I’d like to at least keep that feature.

The rfid chip is what I constantly use to unlock my car door.

I think the question is more,

If removing a x series and replacing with an x series should you install in original pocket, or wait for it to heal, or install in a nearby location

Yeah exactly. Except to be specific, I would have it installed via the same location, but the resting location would be different because of the way my original migrated a bit too close to my index finger