Beta wall piece

Hey all, just wanted to share my first draft of my idea for a sample of an implant.

This first attempt looks very busy, but what I like about it is all the cosmic power in the Itty-bitty living space Kind of look.

This is just a placement view of it for now. I might keep it as it is but right now I’m undecided


I love this. Looks great.

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Good man, you didn’t install it :+1:

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My opinion : needs less medical stuff (gloves for instances) and more hardware. Diagnostic card, …

Or did I get it wrong and it’s meant to show everything needed for 1 implant ?

What are the dimensions of the Frame?

The drape is 46x66cm

It might be a background option for you :man_shrugging:


I like that ok thanks -I’ll check it out after work

The reason I went grey was because that is a display case with a sticky surface so less adhesives needed

So hard even opening the bag without the intent of stabby stab


That is awesome! I like the needle on the gauze. I think the surgical drape as the background would be cool. Definitely a very neat idea!


You should get a little vial of ferrofluid and put it on a string so you can still play with the xg3


Darker background maybe?

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I’d get rid of most of the stuff. I was thinking of doing something similar but with just the injector and the implant. Than maybe putting a plaque or something in the corner to say what the implant is.

Ok this is the one that’s going up on my wall


I like the ruler addition!


I love the fact that you evolved the idea.
I’d say make another 10 versions of it b4 you call it a day, but well done anyway if it is already on your wall.
I’m working on / collecting ingredients for a bio collage as well :wink:
Soon ™️


Now I’m dying to know what a bio collage is.

Is it plants and organisms, or bio implants like what OP has going on? Sounds rad either way.

:rofl: I don’t know what a bio collage is, but I can tell what I was thinking of:

I was wondering about a mixed media collage inside resin containing things that used to be the part of my body.

The collection is:
-2x wisdom tooth
-crow for a :tooth:

I also collected some needles and hooks that spent much less time under my skin.
Don’t know, it will be a rainy day project…


Sounds pretty sick to me, maybe you can make it look like a sci-fi biohazard containment unit! Best of luck in your project. :slight_smile:

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