BiChip - XRP chip. Anyone see this yet?

Has anyone see this chip?

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Hmm, a webpage with one paragraph of marketing BS that doesn’t say much - and makes no sense when it does, Facebook and Twitter links, and a link to a Danish patent with zero information apart from the title, which translates into “IoT human Microchip Implant with Data”

Shit, you know what? I’m convinced already. Sign me up!

Incidentally, there goes your chance of getting a patent in Denmark Amal.

So they give 0 info on the Internet control use stock images throughout the patent and then at the end … the chip alone is 3mm wide :sweat_smile:

I remember this post on Facebook from May 2016…

Sometimes when I feel sad I just look at that screenshot and laugh at all the mistakes in their post, it brightens my day.



I did some digging.

If you go here you can see their application for the patent.
Click the one second from the bottom.

This is the site to the parent company.


that is one sad patent application. it reads more like what we have here - a provisional application, which is not a patent at all but a declaration that you will eventually file one.

oh yeah, that parent company looks like one of your more typical chinese patent pirates. these comapnies will move in and register company names that already exist, file trademarks and patents for technology that is already present in the market … but none of it is properly protected… they basically game the system and cause havoc for people trying to do their thing and eventually try to “license” or “sell back” basically to the company trying to operate in the given market… or file a law suit for damage claims and try to settle out. fucking savages.


Definatly feels like a we don’t have anything but we think there might be. Oh and BTW this is an animal tags (FDX-B)

Yes but it’s contradicting technical specifications…
It’s either FDX-B RFID 134.2 kHz or it’s ISO14443 RFID/NFC (13.56 MHz)
Unless it’s a dual frequency dual protocol implant, like the NExT, but containing an animal tag instead of T5577, but highly unlikely. Most likely just mistakes.


Or its a Chinese company that make both tags and just ship you the one you order/at random

Bichip has been registered and sat like that for 4 years now, sad really taking up patent space for nothing

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A lot of it is sad looking. The PDF doesn’t translate, and I didnt have time at work to do more. I was wondering about the correspondence letters.

Anyone else notice the “GPS Chip” part in the for sale?

Also their v1 sounds like a fish microchip to me, from older research (1.5mm x 10mm).


After reading some of the documentation, you can find they’re trying to say credit cards are battery powered. The danish patent office also said this, and refuted the battery power thing (they’re of the belief LF chips can’t be read through the body due to… water? but they’re trying to argue 10 metre read range)

“We have examined your application again in light of your email of 12 July 2018. We are of the
opinion that you will not be able to obtain a patent. You have not disclosed sufficiently amounts of
technical information, so as to be able to obtain a patent for an invention, when you filed your
application. Below, please find an explanation of our conclusion.”

Also, they transferred the patent application and changed the inventor name in May.


… it’s like a really bad GTP-1 or completely untrained GTP-3 attempt at filing a patent …

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This website is made with yahoo free site builder (they didn’t change the favicon)

They have owned the Ip since 2014 (renewed in 2019)

BEZH Denmark Aps seems to be a jack of all trades, invest in what looks promising throw money at trends and see what happens (AR,Crypto, Ect), kinda company.

It really does look like they just wanna say they were the first there when something like this becomes possible.

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I think that might be a wholesome way of looking at it, but my brain is screaming ‘patent troll’ - patent every buzzword you can think of and threaten to sue if someone works out how to actually make it.


It’s a peculiar combination of trolls and money launderers. The patent was rejected a long time ago. The scams continue!

Amal, you misspelled cunts…

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