Bigger payment conversions / Fear not being able to pay with implant

I see many people having problems with readers, these small payment implants (walletmor, purewrist) are not great for being read it seems.
I have a 17*27mm VIMPayGO conversion and even that has trouble being read on some small readers.

Would a design like the flexMT or Apex mega help there?
Or maybe a bigger rectangle (aren’t purewrist big rectangles?)

What are peoples opinions? Would you get a bigger implant and install it e.g. where a watch would sit?
It sucks that for every shop there is this chance that I just cant pay or make me look like the fool I am by trying to pay with an implant 8 times.

I think I’d be up for something like a 35mm disk, that would fit on my wrist easily and would probably be very performant.

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This is why I never implanted the Purewrist I had made.

I cannot figure out several of the readers, even using the field detecting card.

It worked great with several of them, but the main stores I frequent, it would not play nice.

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That’s partly why I wasn’t hesitant to make the CoM conversion board bigger. It will end up as a 34mm x 11.5mm implant and will perform much better with payment terminals as a result.

If the Apex Mega is approved for tokenized payment, it will also have much better performance. The revision without LEDs arrived today, and part of my testing will be trying it with various payment terminals.


Even standard AMV payment cards need to be transferred several times

Imma be honest. I have no idea what you mean.


Honestly after around a month my readability went up dramatically. Yes it takes longer than a card but I genuinely can hit most sweet spots first time now (on my common readers).

Is it tricky sometimes yes but only on readers I don’t know.

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Most of the time it’s the same with a vimpay, but some big readers are hard to use aswell.
Some just wont accept vimpay but that’s another issue.

Hm maybe like 30mm is a max?
I’m sure I want something better than the vimpay, and that’s 27 already.
Maybe an antenna that accounts for the skin in the same size & format would do the job.

Yes you learn that stuff, still, I encounter new readers relatively frequently.

:rofl: I can just see @anon3825968 flipping off the terminal every time he has to pay for something.


As he buys a hose to get kids off his lawn.


Shit, I’d do that just for the memes :rofl:

It would be extremely funny, but do you really want a flex in your finger?

I dithered a lot about this and finally went ahead and put one there, because I have nothing to lose at this point, and I can tell you, it’s great. I don’t care what Amal says about the thing possibly drifting slowly out of alignment over the rounded bone: even if mine ended up 45 degrees to the side of my finger, it’d still be more convenient than any of my metacarpal-level implants.

The next long flex implant I get - if I ever get another one - will go in another finger.

@leumas95 has one of the flexClass he designed in his middle finger. It’s a bit smaller than the others though

I actually am really enjoying my middle finger flexNT and … prototype whatever it is… they have slid off my bones in both hands but it’s not bad. My primary concern actually is installation… Lassi is great and I’d trust him around my tendons… but even general surgeons avoid doing anything in the hand, and refer you to a specialist. Hands are probably the most important extremity one has, and they are complex little mechanical things with tons that can easily go wrong… I worry about general “body mod” artists attempting it… or worse… someone trying to DIY it… terrible idea.


Aww mannnnn…

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You can just call me out by name.

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Ah yes, there is that. It’s true that I’d never install anything there with the giant needle. Brr… I cringe just thinking about it…

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i’ve seen worse attempts using a scalpel actually… the thing about trying to separate tissue with the blade of the scalpel and not a blunt elevator is that it’s a bit like strapping a knife to a bull and putting him in a china shop filled with your tendons… totally uncontrollable.


Having said that though, I don’t see how botching anything over the metacarpals is any safer. It’s full of the same tendons that run down the fingers after all. I don’t really understand why you think finger installs are more dangerous to be honest. The point being, if you fuck around the hands, wherever it might be exactly, really bad things can happen.

Fingers are tiny confined spaces with not much elasticity in the skin and hardly any margin for error. That’s what makes them more difficult than mucking around on the back of the hand.