Bilbao Metro Barik card on ring or implantable?

Can I put my metro card on a ring or implantable?
It’s the Barik card for the Bilbao, Spain metro/buses.

I saw a similar post asking this questions and the responses were to scan the card with apps, which I did. I tap the card on my iPhone to refill it with funds to use in the metro. It usually take a while for the app to recognize the card. But with these two scanning apps, they were so fast I hadn’t even touched the card to the phone and it had been read.
Here are the screenshots:

that’s because this is a secure chip and the app is setting up a secure channel and interrogating the application memory, while taginfo is simply identifying the chip but not accessing the memory or doing anything with security (it doesn’t have the cryptographic keys to do this).

possibly… it might be possible to put this onto a special new antenna for a flex implant. the conversion service is what you’d need to order if you wanted to try it.


Can I extract the device from the card and just wear it on a wristband?

maybe? you will have to be extremely careful of the wire antenna inside the card… and your origami folding of the antenna will drastically affect its performance… but others have been successful in this area, so ymmv

Thank you. I’ll get an extra card at the metro station to take apart. It’s just 3 euros.

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TagInfo MAY tell you, but you would be better to buy it and post it to Amal to test.
Unless you have the equipment to do it yourself.


i just saw you mentioned a wrist band.
In that case, just do as Amal suggested

Unless you want to be one if the cool kids and get an implant conversion