Bio implant with a nail gun

I work at a recreation and rehab facility for folks with brain injuries.

I currently run a work program for landscaping and do landscape construction.

I saw the vice segment on your smart gun and was wondering how adaptable the technology is.

One tool I often bring into work is a paseload cordless nail gun. Currently I have to bring it in in a locked case.

Would there be any way to adapt the technology you currently have to only allow my nailer to fire with an implant.

My tool is a huge liability at the center. I’ve already had to go though a DOJ (department of justice) and live scan background check for the job…

Needless to say I’ve got major medical coverage and work with a private doctor so I could get the implant done professionally.

I am very interested in any options to limit my liability as well as for the safety of our clients.

Interesting. Can you post pictures and information about the nail gun? Make? Model? etc.

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If liability is my concern and I live in a country that rewards the tort industry (like the USA), I would stay away from any non-factory configuration. Juries are notoriously biased against things they don’t understand. Trial lawyers know this and can/will blame anything that goes wrong on your modification.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. Just personal advice.