'Biocompatible' resin for 3D printer

Just read this and thought the community might want to share their thoughts on it.




Liqcreate Bio-Med Clear 3D printed parts can pass the following biocompatibility tests:

– Cytotoxicity ISO 10993-5:2009

– Sensitization ISO 10993-10:2021

– Irritation ISO 10993-23:2021

@amal is probably the one to weigh in on what this means…

It may or may not be the same level of biocompatibility needed for implantation


a rant about word games some of these types of companies play regarding certification standards

I learned from some body armor SMEs, the qualifying word when used in regards to qualification standards is VERY important in these situations
As many companies won’t actually get things tested or certified and through wordsmithing and legalese merely “imply” (mislead) that something had been actually certified

Meets /exceeds “standard” ≠ actually certified by the certifying agency… and or cherry picking only certain criteria to test against

In this scenario “CAN pass may mean that it has yet to actually meet these standards or in a reliable manner
(One of the things that prevents companies from getting actually certified can be that they need to pass a audit or sorts, not just a single cherry picked unit)