Biohacker: The Invisible Threat

Here is an interesting video titled “Biohacker: The Invisible Threat”. The description of the video states that,

Biohackers exist and walk among us. Most security professionals would not allow users into their environment with offensive security tools. How do you address individuals who have surgically implanted such devices into their bodies.

The presenter in this video (Len Noe) actually gives a shout out to Dangerous Things in the video.


Catch me if you can :fu: lol


Len’s a great guy :slight_smile: thanks for the link


That’s was pretty good,

I was surprised to see a flexnext in the wild and still function… I was under the impression they all failed

Kinda came at the audience a bit aggressive, but it’s a welcome change to the soft sell and underselling the tech

Curious to see what the tech dog demo reveals… but I feel like they won’t be able to detect… and even if they do you can just explain it off as I was just holding something (since they’ll hit your hand)

We’re doing an implant install with len at BSIDES Newcastle this week :slight_smile: