Biohacking Virginity Lost

Hi all,

Officially jumping into the biohacking world as of 2020. I had a Spark 2 and xNT installed by Joel at Opal Heart in Perth, WA

Absolutely loving these things! Can’t wait to expand the collection. Any suggestions on what to progress towards next? (Might swap out the xNT for a NExT)


Welcome to our circle of weirdos!


Seems like you should consider something that blinks. Also maybe a flex.


Another Aussie Cyborg! hello!

Welcome to the club.

NeXT is always cool, But also maybe an M1k? add to the variety.

Really depends on what you plan to use them for.

I had my first (and latest) one done In December of last year and it was a NeXT, absolutely adore it. I now have a Magic Flex sitting on my desk just waiting to be installed once shops open again (Melbourne here)


M1k eh? :thinking: shall look into it for sure!

cough flexM1 cough
Okay but for real, maybe check out the DF2 chips, they are awesome, 8Kb + cryptography.

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true, flexM1 is only $40 more than a capsule M1 and has better read range.

Only reason I got the Magic Flex was due to the fact I already had a NeXT but I wanted to get blinkies, But FlexMT only had 2 so i took out the T5577 to fit that 3rd blinkie.

You know you have to keep us updated, once you get it in?
Since you took out the rigid t5577, how flexible is your flexMT?

100% I will be doing a whole install post and updates as I’ve been following everyone else who has gotten them.

Also it’s pretty flexible, ignore that it’s done with one hand and I’m slightly scared I was going to break it XD obviously, it would be even more flexible (I guess in the directions it can twist) if it didn’t have the new third blinkie in it.

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Thanks for the demonstration - now that looks nice! :+1: Guess it’ll fit through a small incision, that’s great!
Are the blinkies light blue or dark blue?

Light blue

Great, thanks! That’s what I’m going to use, too :wink:

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So I was just waking up when I read your title,
Thought you were saying biohacking helped you loose your virginity :joy:


You know what they say, the possibilities with biohacking are limitless :thinking:

Hi connormacnab

I just ordered mine didn’t realize opal had them in stock, how are goin since the install ?

Hi Marc,

The chips are doing great! at times I forget they’re even there if I’m not using them

I set the xNT to display my Facebook page for work (I’m a nightclub photographer) and it really gets a sweet reaction out of people who ask where they can see my work :rofl:

Joel was an absolute champ with the install, really great guy and knows his stuff