BioMagnet Availability and Install?

Looking to get the Sensing Biomagnet any news on a availability date? Also i notice there are no Pro Guide instructions for Biomagnet installs! Where would I go for a how to on that? Wanting a Professional to do it NO self install!

We are in the final stages of testing a new manufacturing technique. We still have no ETA but perhaps by Christmas?

As for installation, more information will be released about that once we have magnets back in inventory.

Thats a while away hope it comes sooner. Excited for it

Any further updates on availability? And where to find self install directions? Is it merely subq, must it be in to a certain tissue depth, I would think if it was too deep it would reduce efficacy. How do they interact with the natural biomagnetic field we carry?

just checking on availability of these :slight_smile:
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