Biomagnet install

For me I have the advantage of healing quite quickly. I stabbed myself with the xG3 about 12 hours ago and here is the healing so far. I’m not too concerned about the fingertips but I’ll take it 1 at a time.

No bleeding at all since the initial install either.

ensure your medical records are updated to indicate a metallic implant in your hand.

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Any clue how to do this in Canada?

talk to your normal family doc? general practice doc you’d normally go see? have them update your records?

Sorry the healthcare system here is whack. I actually am not able to get a gp and I tried calling my hospitals main line but they said that they generally dont record things like that as its not shared with other hospitals.


I was under the impression standard practice was to not use an MRI on a unresponsive pacient.

Yeah, here it is… having doubts about the Canadian system now…

I learnt that standard practice from my Canadian friend who is a nurse so seems okay lol.
Who knows though.

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That was my impression too. But if you’re worried, you can always wear a medical alert tag.

Same in the uk too, by which I mean MRI’s are “never” used on unresponsive/unconscious people because they can’t get a history.