Biomagnet install

So installed my biomagnet today. I think I may have installed it too deep in my hand. I installed it in the skin in-between my thumb and index finger.

Any clue how I can tell if it’s too deep?

It may be hard to tell until the swelling goes down (from my personal experience with my xNT install)

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Let the swelling go down. Chances are, it’s not installed too deep. Cuz if it was, you’d have hit the muscle and you most certainly would have noticed.

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To be completely honest I’m high as a kite as blood makes me wheezy sober. Here is a picture from after the install.

Er… Where’s the injection hole? Are you sure you weren’t so high that you missed your hand and punched your thigh instead? :slight_smile:

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Sorry I heal stupid fast. I injected about 2 hours ago.

Did you install it into the webbing of your hand?

Yes exactly

I’d say! That’s remarkably unimpressive.
I bet your real name is Connor McLeod :slight_smile:

More seriously, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything but skin in that area - unless you aimed straight at the thenar muscles on purpose when you punched the skin. If you want to be sure it’s there, bring a compass to it.

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I stuck a fridge magnet to it and it stays. I’m in minimal pain as well. I guess we will know tomorrow when the high dies down. I’ll post an update in a day or so when I’m screwing with paperclips.

My advice to anyone installing the magnet (I chickened out the first time and had to order a new kit) cut a small incision with a scalpel and just stick the needle in there and inject it. Worked like a charm.

If you want to be REALLY sure and bring it up at the same time in case it is set too deep, go to the hospital and ask to see the MRI machine upclose :slight_smile:

Believe it or not MRIs were my one concern about installing it. Because I live in Canada MRIs are quite common as healthcare is government paid. Meaning that if I get in a car accident there is a high chance they will MRI me without them knowing.

Its gonna be a really crappy day for the hospital if I get in a serious accident.

Just out of curiosity - why did you choose this place for installation? I’m used to people putting magnets near their fingertips, because of the many nerves there - can it be used as a “sensing magnet” in the web of the hand as well? Or do you have different plans for it?

And - impressive fast healing! I’m a little jealous :wink:

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unnamed (43)


The webbing is a pretty common install location for magician’s magnets. I’m not assuming I know why he did it better than he does or anything, just that the 0 position isn’t all that uncommon, especially if the person doesn’t intend on getting chipped.

I chose the webbing because I was super stoned so getting it into my fingertips may have been a little difficult.

I am planning on chipping myself in each of my fingertips on my left hand and possibly even doing another xG3 in my fingertip now that I’m more experienced and I’ve gone through it once. I am fairly new to bio-hacking and the webbing just seemed like something I wouldn’t mind having surgery on in-case I made a gargantuan screw-up.

I will post a picture of the healing on Friday. With the rate it’s healing I think it will be near gone by then.

Okay, that’s a fine explanation for me…

…but what do you mean by that? Magnets or chips? And which ones? I can hardly believe that you could put anything else but magnets in the fingertips…

This guy stuck an xG3 in his finger:

It’s still a magnet, but it’s nearly the same size as an xSIID (It’s a full 1mm wider, but apparently it’s not an issue for some)

That must have hurt a lot and must have been freaking annoying during healing time… don’t know if I would recommend that^^ But still, interesting idea…

Yeah, I’m interested to know how many people still put stuff like Haworth style magnets on their pads instead of on the side. I was debating on a pad install but I just. I don’t think I could get over that.