Biomagnet pain managment with Numbing Gel

I am considering getting the xG3 implant but I have a very low pain tolerance. For my first magnet implant I would start with it in the webbing of my hand as I am new to this, be less painful, and I have an irrational fear of breaking it if I were to put it in my finger tip. I wondering how well the numbing gel would control the pain for when I do the install. Thanks for your help!

I used injectable lidocaine and it was really good, no pain or nearly noticeable pain in all 5 installs.

To each their own, but I really don’t think pain management is necessary for the needle installs in the webbing. It’s really not bad.

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The position 0 / Thenar space / webbing in not a common location for a magnet, Here Is the last one I remember

I would just say think about the practicality and useability of this position.

What is your use case?

If you are planning on getting (RFID) implants in the future, you might want to save that position for them!?, infact you might want to do that one first and your xG3 later until you are comfortable with the process.

Of course the choice is yours, but I thought you might want to hear some other perspective.

I don’t have an xG3, but if I did, Position 0 would not be where I would put it

Again, your choice, but MOST people don’t bother with PMK for xSeries installs, unless it is an xG3 in the fingertip (A lot of nerves)
but OTY

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I’ve said it before I’ll say it again peoples pain levels are completely different, generally (in normal places) say L/R 0-5 the pain is about the same as a blood draw needle.

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