Biomagnets implants : Problem with security scanners in airport?

Hello everybody !
First, sorry for my english, I’m french.
I’m new to the world of biohacking and I find it amazing !
I planned to have an xSIID implant and I read that it was not a problem for security gates, especially at airports.
It’s great but however, I’m also very interested in biomagnet implants like TITAN or xG3 V1 but can’t find information on safety scanners in airports.
It’s not like xSIID implant and other, biomagnet are more “metallic” so, I’m afraid to ring every time I go through airport security scans.
Do you have a biomagnet implant in you and do you often go to the airport ?
Looking forward to seeing your answers.
Thank You !

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In other posts people always say it’s no problem at all, these are tiny amounts of metal


Scanners are not metal detectors. They don’t really penetrate the skin.


I have two xG3s and have recently traveled and didn’t run into any issues. I went through the scanners and metal detectors and neither one raised an issue.


This has been answered already by now but to add one more voice to the pile, I also just went through the airport and neither the millimeter wave scanner nor the metal detector tripped.


Steering the discussion a bit,

Let’s say a detector did ping for a magnet or implant

“I have implants, and it’s none of your business” should be sufficient no?

Border and customs powers can be vague, but I can’t think of any probable cause or suspicion of a crime an implant would give… so they shouldn’t in theory be able to really hassle you…

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“Thank you for reminding me that I have shrapnel in me from a terrible moment in my life. If you want to pull them out, I promise it will be less traumatic than when they were placed.”


I was stopped once at an airport with my m31 and like 5 other implants in. They ran me through a very sensitive set metal detector and they asked about any implants. I said yes in my hands. They ran the must less sensitive hand detector over my hands and nothing… then let me go with a shrug.


And I see no reason why they would scan you without a reasonable suspicion and would likely interrogate you first…

On other hand, the TSA and it’s international equivalents have different responsibilities and they are unlikely to bother you for a tiny device unless they can justify it being used as a weapon.

I’ve read about x-rays being used in some cases but I assume that they only resort to this when there are large metal plates and such?

I’m down for an X-ray, but I demand a copy… for legal reasons or course…

…also better use the really high resolution X-ray… can’t be too safe :wink:

I believe they use xrays to measure object density, to help determine if something weird is hidden or doesn’t belong

An X-ray of someone’s guy and seeing 20 small very dense objects in their intestines would likely give further cause to continue an investigation


I believe some TSA/customs agencies use x-rays on suspicious passengers instead of cavity searches if they suspect someone stuck drugs where the sun don’t shine.

Thank you so much everybody for your answers, I am so reassured !
You are right, an implant can’t be considered like a weapon but I guess each country has different rules.
I know that in China, the customs officers of airport are very strict and don’t let anything suspicious go through.
I’m going to Asia soon, I’ll keep you posted !

in november i boarded a flight with 27 implants.

24 RFIDs and 3 magnets

nothing happend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh I completely agree that they aren’t going to be picked up unless the metal detector is cranked higher than is recommended

I’m just exploring the further thought, that even IF they did, it’s not like it matters

I’d be half tempted to install something that WOULD set off metal detectors, just to continually fuck with tsa


An AR-15 Lower? :imp:

I don’t feel like traveling in locked luggage

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Bienvenue à bord, je suis un voisin du Nord :slight_smile: . Faudrait faire une section ou un topic francophone :wink: .

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