Biometric Access Control Wiring Diagram


I have two biometric devices and would like to setup one for entry and other for exit and finding some challenges in wiring and please if someone can assist.

I want to use one power supply and would like to know if it is possible to connect two biometric access control systems with one door mag lock.

Once the user puts a the fingure the door should open once recognized. And same thing while entering and exiting.

Please if someone can put the diagram for wiring it would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

check local code ans safety laws… restricting exit is almost certainly against fire code pretty much everywhere.

no reason this couldn’t work if the power supply is the proper voltage for all devices and the lock, and can supply a large enough current.

for anyone to be able to help they would need to know what your biometric device wiring looks like. what you’re asking for is someone to solve a puzzle without telling them what the puzzle pieces look like.

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Are you taking about these?

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Most fire codes I am familiar with allow for a locked/secured exit door provided there is a (usually alarmed) push bar on the inside surface to allow immediate, uncontrolled exit in case of emergency. Check with your local building department.

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