Biopolymer implant in the back of your hand

I will soon receive a customized implant made out of biopolymer. My plan is to implant it to te back of my hand.
Is here anyone that can share experience with an biolpolymer implant at the back of the hand?
Does it work good? Or is it maybe even obstructive?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I have an Apex on the back of my hand. I would recommend printing out an actual size cutout of it and seeing how well it would fit between the metacarpal bones. I wouldn’t recommend one on top of a metacarpal bone but it has been done.

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thanks a lot for your reply!

For locations, check out
P1 - P5

I have had a few flex series implants on the back of my hand and I can highly recommend it due to the thin skin, They read very well.
Your own anatomy will let you know where will suit you best.

I have had a couple of these also, great service, great product great performance.

You wont be disapointed.

What did you get custom made? if you don’t mind sharing

Whats the rough size of your implant?

8mm by 32mm flex narrow



I had a key card (my key cylinder only works with Legic Advant technology only). So since there was no chance to link it to an existing implant, Amal was so kind and took my keycard and created this customized implant.

Cool, thanks for the reply.
The Custom option is a great solution for situations like this.

It’s also good to know what can and has been converted, next time somebody comes here and asks about Legic Advant, we will be able to tell them its possible through a conversion.

If it happens enough, Amal may make a list of compatiable, non mainstream converions on the custom work page :man_shrugging: