Biosafe PCB Materials

Total noob question, are PCBs biosafe (safe for use inside the human body)?
Is there a (possibly flexible) biosafe material suitable for PCBs? Can I easily order custom biosafe PCBs?
Like I know a PCB would need to be encapsulated by e.g. DTs polymer, but to minimize the toxic material in case that encapsulation fails I kinda want a biosafe board.

Prety much everything is toxic in one form or another. Even if you use lead free pretty much everything is not great, copper tracks on the pcb the epoxy that encapsulates the chips etc etc. The thing is the coating if it is coated properly it should be fine.

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Oh sorry guess I wasnt clear enough, ofc all the metal is toxic, but I meant the board they are printet/put on. Ofc the chip etc is toxic, but I think it doesn’t really matter what you print on, right? So everything that’s “plastic” could be safe plastic.

i don’t think so… kapton is typically used for flex pcbs… but there are tons of plastics that are not good for you. they are typically cytotoxic (kills cells), or they break down and in the process form nasty chems that can cause problems ranging from endocrinological problems to increase risks of cancer, or even just microplastic innundation that carries unknown risks. for example, PLA is easily broken down by the body and is only used in medical devices for temporary implantation or external use.

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