Bit Length and Site Code

Hey , I’m still getting to grips with with Proxmark3 and delving into the format construction of cards.
How do I determine the Site Code, bit length and card number of the cards I’m checking? Can’t seem to find anything on the forum. I work for a security company and often need to find these details out to see if our systems can accommodate the clients cards.
Any info would be great!

not all cards hold this type of information. you need to narrow it down to frequency and then chipset.

pop the card on the proxmark on the red circle lf antenna and run lf search if that returns nothing, place it on the black square a tier down and run hf search post results here or dm if that’s more comfortable

I have 2x examples of current cards.

yea neither of those carry a direct, hardcoded Facility code, Card number or bitlength. theyre much more involved technologies. the DES may have information in the application but its not hard coded.

what chipset are you trying to integrate into the system?

None at the moment, just more of a general question when I come across hf cards. Loving being able to identify lf cards quite easily (if not encrypted) but wondered how to go about it when I get cards like the des.