Bitwarden with VivoKey (or other implants)

I searched the forum and found that there was talk of a VivoKey fork of Bitwarden. Is that in the open somewhere? I already run my own private instance of Bitwarden on my own server, so I think it would be relatively trivial to swap it in there.

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Not officially supported yet tho’.
I guess is the source.

Yeah, I saw @amal say that is not officially supported and is liable to get wiped at any time… I already have my own private bitwarden instance at though, so in theory, I should be able to toss that source tree in the right place. Will have to investigate further as far as how the authentication works (I guess it’s through the Open ID api that vivokey provides) and whether I’d need to mess with that. Also @amal do you have any insight on how stable/secure you suppose the fork is? I do backups of my server/database fairly frequently anyway.

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Looping in @fraggersparks the software dev here

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Basically, please don’t use it. It was a proof of concept, the security is kinda trash. We use OIDC to get the master password from a middleware server and pass it to Bitwarden-rs. I don’t remember if all the pieces got released publicly. It also hasn’t been updated in aaaages. We’ll very likely re-roll it and actually maintain it in the future, but it’s fallen by the wayside for new API updates.


Hi all, just a heads up I’m wiping Vault this weekend. I’ve posted elsewhere but just want to confirm nobody was using it.