Black Friday 🎁 sales

Are you guys going to Black Friday sales I want peoples opinions I will put a poll and you can answer I just want peoples opinions

  • Black Friday
  • No Black Friday

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online black friday sales for me, not in person

EDIT: Also, English is hard. In this case, the word is “poll”. A “pole” is what you put a sign on, or what you use for fishing. A “Pole” is someone from Poland, and a “poll” is a survey.


Probably! I spent way too much on Aliexpress yesterday for 11.11 so I can’t spend a lot! Im mostly searching for pc parts for my parent’s computer.

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I get so angry at people using 11.11 as a sale day I refuse to conced to that.


I mean at least here, for a few minutes, people think about veterans day because of it. Hell, it would be forgot if not for the sales.

Fuck yeah buddy!


Singles day

You could have a Pole putting a poll about polls for using poles for Pole polls on a Pole pole


Given the state of COVID-19 right now… likely not. But; if Dangerous Things has a Cyber Monday sale… maybe I’ll look into that! :robot:

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Yes we’ve got a few deals soon to be announced at KSEC …


…named Pohl…


That was a real Pot shot

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The KSEC Black Friday deals are here! Get 15% off storewide + 20% off Dangerous Things products + Free merch and items with every order + Free shipping for orders above £10 (UK). Only available from the 25th - 30th November.