Blade of hand implant

Hey guys just got my vivokey spark 2 (thanks @amal you the best) and I was thinking of doing a blade of hand install on my left hand. I have 2 spots in mind (but they’re kind of close to each other so it might not even matter with chip migration) what do you guys think? I should do and where I should put it for lowest chance of breakage? (I know it’s a slim chance to begin with but rather safe than sorry)

I would say Either is Viable, Your squishy stuff should absorb any impact to those areas ( Make sure to not implant too close to the bone, aka, less squishy ), but the more likely place to get impacted would be your Number 1 Spot.

Also, It is always good to plan ahead, do you think you may want to put something else IN or NEAR those spots in the future. For example you could easily get away with, Spark in your Position 1 and an xEM or FlexEM in your Number 2 spot with no issues, but you MAY run into some issues ( worth considering, anyway ) if you were looking to put another HF in your number 2 position.


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Ahh perfect. Thanks for the advice. Yeah I do wanna plan ahead somewhat to maximize space on my hands. I still have webbing between thumb and forefinger on left hand open (I was gonna use it for NExT but decided it would be kind of wasteful since I don’t need that much LF) so I’ll be putting it in lower down. Now what should I put in webbing you guys rate? XSIID or spark? because I can see both having pros and cons, but I am leaning more to spark in the webbing, then I can put the XSSIID in position 2 of left and right hand

Edit: or the other thought I had was also on top of arm behind the wrist for the spark then perhaps the 2 XSIID’s between thumb and forefinger and position 2 (marked out in original post). Let me know what you guys think would be best or perhaps even a different combo. I’m keen to hear

I have a xG3 I put in position 4 (your position 2) and it is now in position 3. It never really settled. It took about 6 months to settle on which metacarpal it wanted to sit between, but even to this day, it still travels up and down, sometimes getting up in between my knuckles. That’s just my experience, YMMV. I’m quite sure there are plenty of people that they don’t have that issue (And it’s not really an issue per se). One factor is I have virtually no subcutaneous thickness there.

I have my Spark right above (towards the elbow) where you’d wear a watch. About 2-2.5" from the wrist. It sits between the radius and ulna. No issues.

Ahh ok good to hear. I’ll probably be putting my spark in the same position as you since then I can put the xsiid in the webbing between thumb and forefinger

My spark 2 is exactly where you would like yours to be. The healing process was the worst as every little bump or even pushing a shopping cart would be uncomfortable. Now that I’m fully healed I never even notice it’s there. I can read with no issues and decent speed. Highly recommend!

Edit: added a picture of when I got it installed.

One thing to consider about the above the wrist install that I had not considered is if you ever plan to get a smartwatch with NFC. You may not want the spark so close to the watch.

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i actually doubt it would read through the bottom of the watch… so many components between and probably ferrite polymer shielding as well try to isolate the nfc antenna on the top of the watch (behind the face bezel) from the rest of it below… but comfort wise i would not want a watch sitting anywhere near an implant … it’d gonna get knocked around for sure.

My xg3 V2 is in that spot, for me its a awesome spot!

i never notice it, except there is a strong EM Field.

it is not in the way for any activities, and the spot is continent to use.


this might also be worth reading, if you haven’t already

Ahh nice nice. Yeah I ended up installing it on my wrist last night and I’m saving blade of hand for xsiid. I ended up installing vivokey on my forearm. Can’t read it with my phone / readers yet so I was worried it was too deep so I booted up proxmark and did the hf tune command. I get a voltage drop from 15V to about 13.5 (I think the most drop I’ve gotten is down to 13.2 which was about on par with my NExT’s drop)
Hope it isn’t too deep though I think it is further down than I’d like. Though it does seem like it’s not too deep and I can feel it from quite lightly brushing against it. More time will be needed though and will keep you guys updated

Rad! Where on your forearm did you have it installed? I’ve only got my vivokey left to install and I’m contemplating the same.

A bit below where you’d wear a watch normally. So hopefully if I get a smart watch it won’t mess with it (though I read the chance of that is quite low to begin with) I do hope that as swelling goes down I’ll be able to pick it up since as of yet I have not been able to.

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I may be a little late, but here’s my experience. I had a xG3 V2 installed in my knife hand area. Yesterday was 2 weeks since the install. It is a little closer to the bone than I initially preferred, but I’ve had no issues with it as of yet. Here’s a picture of a cotter pin attached to it for an approximate location.

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