Blinkies in dark skin

I have a black friend from Nigeria. He asked me if an LED would show up through his very dark skin. I said I’d find out. Anyone know?

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Searched dark skin xsiid in the forum search


Further to Mrlns one above, here’s another of Rajaramjet posts and some replys following it

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I’m going to throw this out there ( Don’t quote me)
The first colour to be absorbed is red then orange, then yellow…

So I think @Rajaramjet Blue choice :blinky_blue: was a good one for him, and would suggest the same for your Nigerian friend, Green as a second option :blinky_green:


Life got turned upside down for me to the point that i moved cities 2 years ago so i have been slowly putting myself back together with several projects on standby.
In reply to your comment above at the time i got my Xsiid my piercer/installer only had the blue ones available.
Im also now using a Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 phone and it seems to be a “slight bit off” whenever I try to read my Xsiid or it could just be me and the location of it in my forearm. But it still glows bright as it did in the pictures