Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

Standby… “I know a guy”
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Whilst we wait, although this is not a direct help ( This is the xNT )But will give you an idea of what is going on inside

and Spark (2)



The xNT is coated?
I thought no DT chip was - aside from the xBT, which isn’t really a DT chip.

Looks to me like they have removed the Schott and Resin off 25% of an xNT to clearly see the inside, but that is only my view of it


It’s hard to hold the KBR reader and take a picture of my wrist so this is the best that I can do for now


Attempt #2 and best ever picture of my blue xSIID under dark skin and black ink tattoo being read with a KBR reader.
I had the area tattooed with the Eye of Horus after the implant healed and just short of threatening great bodily harm on the artist not to tattoo over the implant NO MATTER WHAT and he did, that’s why the xSIID doesn’t line up 100% with the pupil but inside the eye


Damn it, When I read your post, I first saw the Tattoo and thought, “Ha!, clever, initially I thought that your @RAJAramjet was a play on Indian King, and Roger Ramjet, but then because of your tattoo, I saw the eye of Ra, and then I thought your “name” is @RAjaramjet, that is a crazy abstract but cool mash-up” of Ra ( Eye of ) and Roger Ramjet (60s cartoon), now I find my Egyptian knowledge is not what I thought it was, and it is actually Eye of Horus and I was probably correct the first time???"
Although your actual name Roger maybe an anglicised version of Raja :man_shrugging:

What a rollercoaster :roller_coaster:


Anyway, nice Tat and great idea with the xSIID, it still looks good

For those wondering ( I was )

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I’ve seen those 3D renders but they aren’t accurate. Are they?

Nah, I also think that there is some artistic licence there, but hopefully Amal can furnish you with what you are after…

I got designs for the chips I am working with in VivoKey Japan.

But they are just limited to Spark 2 and xSIID for now.

I haven’t asked for details for other chips.
Amal is pretty busy lately on some epic stuff so I don’t even want to ring him up for this right now.


Blue looks amazing on your skin!!! :heart_eyes_cat:
And the eye tattoo glowing. Damn, that’s some stylish upgrade!!


@Pilgrimsmaster thanks for the mention on that other post about the flex-next. my piercer/installer was against doing the install so i passed on getting one.
and yes you are right about the name Rajaramjet being a combination of the Indian raja and the 70s cartoon character Roger Ramjet. some time between 00-05 i was setting myself up with yahoo, Hotmail and Google email accounts and tried using the name Roger_Ramjet when i forgot the password. i then combined rajaramjet and have been using it since. funny thing is that back in 94 i got my first 2 tattoos and one is the name Roger Ramjet. from childhood thru my teens and up to the day i got hat tattoo people called me Ramjet. sine the day to now they all stopped
as for the tattoo the xsiid is under i wanted something else to “fill in” the blank area at my wrist then i got the implant. after getting the implant i asked on the fbook page if i could tattoo over a chip and everyone including Amal said NO NADA DON’T but 1 guy said he did with great care. i then found that tattoo while google searching something else and quickly had it sized for the spot on my wrist. if the tattoo was a bit more willing and i had known more i would had him move the chip around enough that the glow of the xsiid chip would have been directly in the blank spot of the pupil. i’m still 1,000% happy with the tattoo as it is now just the same as if it did glow thru the pupil


thanks @RyuuzakiJulio

That is pretty badass. When I saw the 3-led FlexNExT I had thought about it under a tattoo in the style of a Japanese Oni with a third eye, and the three eyes would glow… but if you “can’t” tattoo over a fully healed implant then trying to get the placement perfect under an existing tattoo seemed… unlikely…


with a flexNExT you can get pretty close position wise… but not rotation wise.

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You could order a doNExT with a hole in the middle and tattoo the pupil of an eye through the center - assuming you have a design with a huge eye that would work.

You could also do a smaller eye around a glass blinky, provided the elongated part of the eye matches the long-axis of the implant and the tattoo artist is really careful not to strike the implant with his needle. After the implant is done migrating and it has settled of course.

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Quick update to show the color my white xSIID seems to have settled into 5 days out from install. It was showing a lot pinker in my last video. I’m honestly quite surprised by how clear and bright it is now, I’d been expecting kind of a yellow-pink as an end result and I’m pretty stoked to see how close it is to a true white for being, you know, under skin.


Thank you for also featuring your cat in the video :purple_heart:

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Kitty isn’t impressed because it has plenty of white bits naturally and don’t need no stinkin’ implant

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My secret agenda was to show off my cat the whole time :smiling_imp:

He got chipped a few years back and doesn’t get what all the fuss is about hahaha