Show off your blink! xSIID NFC + LED Gallery (+Glow)

This is amazing! Are there anymore wallpapers like this?


I just installed last night but here’s a quick test of my white xSIID


My xLED not xSIID but I still light up!!


I’m semi-decent with 3D. I can make more any time. Just give me an idea and I can probably come with something up. I’m thinking to do a big print of this one.

I have this on my phone for a while.


You should make one for the FlexNExT, that’s the implant I’m aiming to get early next year.

Or perhaps one for more general purpose, perhaps something that screams “grinder” or “biohacker”!

I’ve been looking for a new wallpaper for my laptop :smile::robot:


Ooo, please make an animated version of that, I’d use it in a heartbeat! Would also be willing to pay for one. Another idea is something that shows the components of a NExT?

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Animated version of which one?
Ahh the guts of a NExT :thinking: I haven’t seen one yet. Is that the one with the double induction coil?

Oh man, why not both? Currently I have a generic futuristic animated background on my phone, but having a NFc related one would be pretty cool.


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Not sure what format is that. We don’t get to put animated backgrounds on iOS. :joy:

Are the chips in the middle? On the same board? Does someone have a more clear picture or design?

Standby… “I know a guy”
:speaking_head: :loudspeaker:


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Whilst we wait, although this is not a direct help ( This is the xNT )But will give you an idea of what is going on inside

and Spark (2)



The xNT is coated?
I thought no DT chip was - aside from the xBT, which isn’t really a DT chip.

Looks to me like they have removed the Schott and Resin off 25% of an xNT to clearly see the inside, but that is only my view of it


It’s hard to hold the KBR reader and take a picture of my wrist so this is the best that I can do for now


Attempt #2 and best ever picture of my blue xSIID under dark skin and black ink tattoo being read with a KBR reader.
I had the area tattooed with the Eye of Horus after the implant healed and just short of threatening great bodily harm on the artist not to tattoo over the implant NO MATTER WHAT and he did, that’s why the xSIID doesn’t line up 100% with the pupil but inside the eye


Damn it, When I read your post, I first saw the Tattoo and thought, “Ha!, clever, initially I thought that your @RAJAramjet was a play on Indian King, and Roger Ramjet, but then because of your tattoo, I saw the eye of Ra, and then I thought your “name” is @RAjaramjet, that is a crazy abstract but cool mash-up” of Ra ( Eye of ) and Roger Ramjet (60s cartoon), now I find my Egyptian knowledge is not what I thought it was, and it is actually Eye of Horus and I was probably correct the first time???"
Although your actual name Roger maybe an anglicised version of Raja :man_shrugging:

What a rollercoaster :roller_coaster:


Anyway, nice Tat and great idea with the xSIID, it still looks good

For those wondering ( I was )

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I’ve seen those 3D renders but they aren’t accurate. Are they?

Nah, I also think that there is some artistic licence there, but hopefully Amal can furnish you with what you are after…