Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Having relistened to Amal’s interview w/ Ryan O’Shea today, it occurred to me that rather than holding out for a piercing apprenticeship post-covid, I should probably take care of bloodborne pathogen certification.

Trouble is I’m not sure who to trust. The APP gently nudges you toward their own test and straight-up admits it’s “industry specific”. There are numerous sites who have OSHA in their domain name that… obviously aren’t OSHA. There are places like the American Heart Association and Red Cross who have paid courses, but offering paid certification courses seems weirdly uncharacteristic coming from them. Most of all, a search for courses winds up with an avalanche of sponsored results that come across as sheisty.

So my question is - are any courses ‘better’ or ‘more comprehensive’ than others, or should I just go with APP’s course and be done with it? Unfortunately this isn’t as simple as RAMP training was, where I could just find the cheapest test and wait for my card to arrive in the mail. I’d rather take this a little more seriously than I took bartending (and add an extra little credibility to my sad, sad, sad CV). :sweat_smile:

Just so I have a starting point. What state do you live in?

This is why I ask. Depending on where you live it varies I bet.

Your location is PGH? Not sure where that is, and it’ll make a difference what state / city / country your laws fall under.

So basically I’ll just roll with it. Consider EMT training? My mother actually did this when I was a kid. She raised three boys by herself, and whoa buddy, did we ever test it out.

In addition to covering things like Bloodborne Pathogens, I’m sure they’ll cover alot of other useful subjects if you find youself in the piercing biz. If nothing else it lends to the air of respectability.

Also, if you become an installer, let somebody put it on the map, cause we’ll end up sending as much business your way as we can. The borg have to stick together after all.


If you are in the US, here is a good starting point.


Outstanding - thanks so much to both of you! Aaaaaand for what it’s worth I’m gonna wind up on that map someday, whatever it takes! :fist:

Oh geez - should’ve clarified PGH is Pittsburgh, sorry!


I think the point being that it costs the Red Cross/Heart Association money to run a course, so they ask you to pay.

Oh shit! I’m right across the vast expanse of wilderness and gun ranges we call a state. Hit me up if you’re ever out Philly way. Have you been going to the Please Try This At Home events? I’ve never been and I’m bummed I missed the last one, cause it will be a minute before there’s another

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I was stuck at work during the last one and I’ve been kicking myself ever since. In the meantime though I’ve become pretty close friends with one of the team, so it ain’t happening again!

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I meant in the sense that when you hear “American Heart Association”, ‘online schooling’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.