Blue Cloner vs Proxmark 3 Easy

Hello! I’m fairly new to biohacking, I’ve just got my NeXT Implanted 2 months ago and I’ve only used the NFC part of it. I’ve been thinking about getting RFID locks around my house for cabinets, drawers, etc but I’ve kind of been afraid to tinker with the RFID since I know bricking can happen fairly easily and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Anyhow, I would like to know which one of the products is better, do they pose the same risk or? If I get the Proxmark 3 Easy do I need to buy something else along with it as well? I’m a bit lost to be honest. Thank you! :slight_smile:

The blue cloner will set a password and is only capable of cloning. For implants many people have modified the antenna too.

The Proxmark3 Easy is capable of so much more but is also harder to use.

Both will work “out of the box” but some people have made better LF antennas for their Proxmark3 allowing for easier placement.

What do you mean by set a password? Does that mean I will only be able to clone only with the blue cloner?

If you use a blue cloner it will set a password on the chip, so that later you need to either use or clear the password.

If you always use a blue cloner then you are good. Otherwise you might need to use a Proxmark3 to wipe the password.

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I just came across this page on the RRG GitHub pages.

This has a lot of useful notes about different cloners.