Blue rfid copier help

Howdy, I have just completed a successful self-installation of the NExT chip. I have a blue rfid copier with HID capability, but I am having difficulty writing my ID card to my chip. I have carefully removed the antenna of the copier to get a better signal, but it still will not write to my chip. Any advice? I have watched the DT video about their blue rfid copier

What does the reader do when you try to read the card?
Does it beep 3 times?

Yes it beeps 3 times and I have successfully copied my HID work card to a dummy tag.

And it beeps 3 times to dummy but none to your NExT?

Yes, I am getting no beeping whatsoever. Only a brief yellow light to show that it failed at detecting a tag

Give it a week for swelling to settle down and try again?

Is it normal that I cannot locate the chip inside my hand? I may have gone too far under the skin.

sorry driving…Push hard like you are trying to cut it in half like a :heavy_plus_sign:

Mate just reply when you can, not while driving.

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It’s likely swollen…give it a week

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Alright, Ill let it settle for a while. Ill post an update in a week if it doesn’t write then


As the others said give it a week ideally 2 befor poking at it I promise the wait is worth it :wink:

Thanks for the reassurance. Ill do some investigation into the RFID scanners at work to see how to angle the chip.

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