Boarding pass in implant

How do I load my boarding pass on to my Next implant?

Is there an airline that takes NFC boarding passes?

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Google gave me this from a looong time ago. I bet they would be UHF

What boarding pass? We need a little more info, sorry.

They tried it in Sweden. They have NFC Boarding systems. What I know is, you must be a frequent flyer from SAS and you must have eurobonus gold
SAS belongs to “Miles & More”


Awesome! I didn’t see that one

You could always pull your boarding pass from the link sent to you by the airlines and upload it to your chip. So that when you scan your phone it loads the boarding pass and the qr code link and you can scan it at the airport and go through security. I know this works for Ireland, UK, USA, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Colombia, and Domican Republic.


Yeah, I see that as being the most practical method unless you’re a special case of some sort and only fly in airports that use NFC boarding passes that lack security enough to be copied or are permanent enough that you could have one sent off to make it implantable.

I’ll be loading my vaccine record onto one of my ntags, currently I have a spoof on there just to mess with peoples heads

Feel like this is semi related maybe not