Body rejecting implant after 2 - 2,5 weeks?

Hi Guys,

On 24 june I had my implant. No issues for 2,5 weeks until 2 days ago slowly swelling.

Above was after 1,5 almost weeks no probs.

Now its looks like this

Now im taking Seractil 400mg 2x a day.

Had blood tests yesterday and today, but no signs of infection or infections rates


Sugggestions? :slight_smile: I rather not have it removed yet

Sorry above Implant was the walletmor :slight_smile:

Let the irresponsible reply begin:

That’s anti-inflammation correct?

If I am correct, bearing in mind I am not a doctor,

what I am looking at, I would not prescribe an anti-inflam not a doctor , however, without being able to feel it for myself not a doctor
it’s a little difficult to know quite what’s going on
not a doctor

it looks to me like an infection not a doctor

The redness is over the top of the implant
the swelling looks like the whole hand.

or at least an alergic reaction not a doctor
Are you allergic to adhesives or latex?

Is it hot to the touch?
Is painful when pressure is applied?

Lets get the Hx before the Tx not a doctor

Where was the piercing done and by whom?
do you have a video we can watch for aceptic techniques? (barriers, patient and equipment preparation, environment and contact)
Not for criticism, but for clues
If not, can you describe the install procedure, location, surface prep, glove use, when the packaging was opened, how was the site prepped, was the needle sterilised (it doesn’t currently come pre sterilised) how was the walletmor installed? any tools used?
how was the wound closed?

What after care have you done since getting it?
bandages, cleaning etc.

I know what I would do but not a doctor
how far from the opening is the edge of your walletmor?

  • The following is an irresponsible not a doctor comment, and not what you should do to yourself, but what I would do to myself not a doctor

I would use my thumb or similar, and roll it from the base toward the opening not a doctor and try to force any fluid out of the opening not a doctor and repeat until drained as much as possible not a doctor this may need to happen over a few days not a doctor

after each time, cleaning with antibacterial soap, allow the opening to heal again, not a doctor keeping it clean and dry, trying not to touch it.
Avoid doing too much strenuous work if possible, put a bandage on if you are doing dirty work. not a doctor

I personally think you need antibiotics but not a doctor and they are saying it is not infected…so listen to them because I am not a doctor

What’s more important to you? your hand or the Walletmor?

Don’t listen to a rando not a doctor on the internet

Do seek professional medical advice



Hi Guys,

I have the installation video for you from the piercing studio.

So according to blood tests yesterday (no elevation in infection rate). Today went again, (slight slight raise in infection rate) but according the doctor not enough to subscribe a antibiotic “yet”

I cant upload from iphone here, let me try to convert the video

Btw, its swollen over the whole hamd, it feels like fluid. Its not hot all, pressure above implant is sensitive… i cannot make a fist at all, as thats feels painfull.

I took proper care after implanting, 2 weeks no issues kept all clean and plasters on all the time, even taped my other fingers to avoid bending etc

Install video

The studio has done a few installs before, never had issues

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An addition, the needle was steralized onsite 1 hour before the install :wink:

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Can you tell us how the needle was sterilized?

Best wishes for your healing process!


The backside of the Flex needle was used to push in the Implant which isn’t ideal for the polymer coating imo

Ill ask the studio it went a bag into a machine for 30 mins

Alright, it was propably autoklaved which is fine :slight_smile:

Yes autoklave 20 mins on 134 degrees celcius she told me

You could get it removed (it needs to be handled carefully - if metal tools are involved it can destroy the implant

and then get it installed again after your hand has healed

Thats at least what i would do if the inflammation is not going down after some more days

you also seem to have a good contact to your installer which is perfect since you can schedule the removal and re installation way easier :slight_smile:

I mean in best case the inflammation gets less and it heals just fine the next days

im no doctor and this is no medical advice^
Others from here will read your post and will probably have some other points to add :slight_smile:

again, take care and best wishes!

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Yeah ill pray it gets less… im not sure my normal doctor is old and doesnt like implant stuff at all… i could go to a hospital and just try to get antibiotics anyway or would it be bad to take those “as a precaution”?

The Doctor in the Hospital will most likely remove the implant

If you come to a Hospital with a Infected Piercing what they mostly do is also removing it but i mean every hospital and dr. is different so you can try your luck.

Then ill force the dr to get me the strongest antibiotics :joy:

And great sticker placement…Well done planning to get that in the shot :wink:

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Lol did t even notice hahaha

Also - not a doctor.

If it is warm to the touch, I had that with one of my implants. It went away after a series of ice packs every few hours one day.

Personally, if it’s not doing anything more than being a puffy bugger, I’d give it a little more time.

But that’s me. I’m a real dumbass with little regard for my personal safety - who is not a doctor

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Did it happen to get knocked or agitated in any way? Looks less like infection or rejection and more like its move and pissed off your immune system. All that fluid is probably lymph.

My piercer used the scalpel technique but opened the skin at the other side, not near the knuckles. He said there were less chance to have such a problem.

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