Bone conduction hearing implants for the rest of us

I’m not knocking your idea, I still think it’s cool and want to see it. I appreciate that I am far from the smartest person on this forum so I was asking in earnest. Points 2, 3, and 6 are definitely legit, the rest… I don’t see a benefit over wireless bluetooth buds like these ones for example; you’ll still need to carry them, charge them, you can lose them, they can be stolen, etc… I’d argue that one of those earbuds would be far more discrete than having that thing on the side of your head.

Answer: So I don’t have to carry the card, I can’t lose it, it can’t be stolen. You still need to carry/remember/charge/etc the external portion of the sound processor.

Yeah I grok it. What I mean was, you can get 95% of the benefits of an RFID implant with a simple wearable like a rubber bracelet. If you wear it all the time, after some time you plain forget about it, and you’re not likely to lose it. But it’s not cool, and for those of use who can’t stand wearing watches of jewelry, it’s not an option.

Also, yeah, I’d love a direct interface to my brain - audio, video, controls, whatever - that I don’t need an external bit of kit for, and that I never need to charge. But that’s still science fiction. I have to settle for what’s available.

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agreed that it can be argued either way, hell you can get bone conduction headphones for under 100 bucks on amazon. that clears up having things in your ears and having natural audio come in while listening to your headphones,

this is more just about it being able to be done, less on its full encompassing usability, and as rosco said, best he can get right now


You know, if I just wanted practicality, I wouldn’t implant anything. For instance, if I wanted almost all the benefits of an NFC implant without the drawbacks, I’d stick an NFC nail on one of my fingernails. The only difference with an implant is, I would have to replace it every few weeks - depending on how often I clip my nail. That’s the only difference, literally.

Similarly, I don’t need a xBT either: I can get my temperature just as quickly with an el-cheapo infrared thermometer from the supermarket.

But it’s not the same, is it. I want to research human augmentation (at my small, insignificant amateur level with zero access to research facilities). That means modifying my body and seeing what happens with my new internal gadgetry: how it integrates into my life, how it changes me as a person. I want the permanence of it.

Kind of like someone going for a tattoo when they could simply order custom-printed temporary tattoo patches and renew them every few weeks. The latter is more practical, but it’s just not the same.

I want the technology inside of me to become part of me. The modification to my sense of self is what I want to explore, as well as the practical side of implants - if that makes any sense.

Anyway, the point is moot: the surgeon answered me and (politely) told me to get stuffed and come back when I’m deaf. As expected: doctors don’t do body upgrades, only body repairs.


did you ask the doctor to repeat himself because you couldn’t hear him with your hearing impediment?

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That particular joke wouldn’t have worked too well, seeing as though he answered me by email :wink:

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Well you could have a go at poor eye sight and therefore you should perform (install) X for me