Book or Literature about RFID

Hi everyone,

Is there a really good book about RFID: containing all the RFID kinds, specifications, and all the technical stuff available to buy? I can only find some books more about using it, some projects with it, and very high-level specifications.

Not a book, but the NXP website has all kinds of datasheets and explanations, at least for HF

Thanks a lot… it can help. But, I miss a book with it all. There are a lot of different sources all over the internet with sparse content. Maybe, we could gather some people in here and publish a book with all the tech info and specs. How does it sound? @amal?

Amal already wrote a book and I’m sure he has a tonne of work on his plate as is :wink:

Also check out;


Nice… thanks a lot!!!
This book is good for learning about RFID


Really thanks…