Bored on lockdown, spark question

Right so I’m bored s#$t less in lockdown (uk) I’m looking at the vivokey spark maybe flex I want a vivokey I dont know if I can wait for the apex and I’m considering self implant.

How “safe” would be the underside of the wrist be for a self implant?

Probably under the tattoo.

Should I’d get the spark or the flex it will eventually just be a backup for the apex?

What can the flex do that the spark cant?

If I get the flex and want to self implant (needle method) can I?

I wouldn’t. Especially self installed.
Just my two cents. Maybe more off to the side but not where your main veins are.

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Even if you miss the veins, I wouldn’t recommend injecting it near that many tendons


That was one of the words j was searching for lol

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Yeah… I was tempted to go for that spot, but I’m very wary because of this. Was thinking maybe on the back of my arm instead, like a bit behind where my watch sits might be better, but dunno…

Yeah thats a popular location especially for flex chips it seems

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All points valid my main concern was the amount of fragile “stuff” in that location.

So back of wrist then or if I go for the spark I can do R0 to as thats not occupied.

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Get a Spark 2

You can’t get a Flex because it doesn’t exist, there is no Vivokey product in Flex form factor…yet
Just to clarify
VIVOKEY is the company

Spark original (xSeries form factor)
Spark 2 (xSeries form factor “improved” chip)

Technically the Flex One doesn’t exist (only in Flex One beta , but the P60 chip has been superseded before its official release)
So Step Up
New and improved P71 chip in different form factors
APEX Flex (Flex)
APEX Max (xSeries)
The only difference other than the form factor is the read range. All the same capability.

So as I mentioned above, you have only 2 options
Buy Vivokey Spark 2 Now
Or wait and buy Apex line Soon-ish


I noticed that the flex seemed to have disappeared but ksec are still selling them. Oh well.

The spark 2 can do everything the flex one could? Is that correct.

Dont get me wrong I will be getting an apex aswell I’m just bored and thought I could get another :smiley:

Similar but Flex One can run java applets Spark 2 cannot

Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t want to take away from their sales, they are a good friend to this community…
If the APEX wasn’t imminent…I would get one
I’m not sure what level of support there would be…
There is a reason it didn’t make it out of Beta…

Yeah, well, ummmm, I wouldn’t

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hmm… in reality they are recalled, so they should not be for sale. Don’t install one. @KaiCastledine let’s remove the flex one from the store and when the apex comes out we will swap inventory out with you.

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We still had people after them for testing with the fidesmo apps after we removed them off our site. We added a number of warnings about the recall on the product site as a precaution etc.

Happy to remove them again until the apex is released :slight_smile: