Brand new, pretty uneducated, excited to learn

I’ve long wanted to leave the human race behind and become a cyborg. Earlier today I learned about Dangerous Things and immediately fell in love.

After staring at the products page in wonder for a solid hour I determined that what I would need is an implant I can use to pay at the register, and one of the RFID field detector implants to locate the actual scan point/show off at parties.

The problem is I have NO IDEA which implant I would need for this, and what frequency to get for the detector. Could one of you fine intelligent cyborgs point me in the right direction?

paying deprnds on the location where are you living:

Austria / Germany i suggest using the flexpay1 ftom Digiwell - vonverted by DT.
for other counteys in the EU: walletmor (also in AT / DE)

USA: Purwrist

there is also a list under “custom services” on the hompage

Second Chip: get the xSIID - the chip has the LED and you can open your front door, unlocking the computer (eith the KBR1) and sharing you vCard or links


No longer available according to their website. So there’s only the Walletmor for the EU (not the UK).

Where are you from, @Kharn ? And welcome on the forum :slight_smile:

i think @amal is converting the next batch from this kind of cards

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I’m located in texas, and thank you very kindly

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OOOH, ok, you’ve got me very excited about the xSIID now, and it seems like I’ve convinced my mom to order for me for my birthday, and my sister the RN to implant it for me

The XSIID is pretty awesome, I love mine… it’s my go to “look I have implants, I can prove it by making it blink”

As for payments, it’s a bit more difficult

I have one of the purewrist conversions
It works great, on about 2%of the readers in my area

Several of the most prolific card terminals, have super shitty reading antennas… which make getting the implant to work very difficult

Also bear in mind, it’s a lot trickier to install a flex… so you will want to seek out an actual professional… a nurse isn’t going to have the skills required

I’m waiting until it hopefully comes out in an even larger form factor to make up for shitty terminals… but it will be a scalpel install likely

Welcome to the forums,

Fellow xSIID here. What would you want to use it for? the blinky of the xSIID is great for that wow factor. Import thing to know about is that the UID cant be changed. So if you want to DIY or You can convince the admins to add you card to the system/you own the system then its not a problem.

If you are considering cloning badges the next is also a great option BUT less wow because of the lack of Blinky.

I would also suggest sharing the installers guides with your sister if she is going to install the injectable. ^ as they said. Let the experts do the flex installs.

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So I am going to agree with the guys above and the official line of “use a professional”

Although, I’m not going to say that a nurse is not capable of a Flex needle install. I think that would easily fit into a nurses skill set.

However, If you are talking about a Flex Disc with scalpel and sutures, I think that would depend on the nurse.

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just recreate the flexpay1, get a vimpaygo converted

Boyfriend is a nurse. He came home with a model rubber arm, which had two different color skin tone wraps. He demoed out installing and removing a little segment of green rubber in seconds. Apparently it’s a subdermal birth control that lasts a few years.

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subdermal anticoneption is pretty common here. Although its similar to a xseries flex needles are slightly larger.