Briar Prestidge and Sophia the robot

I had the weirdest fuckin day today.

They recorded some real footage for a documentary, but here’s some phone video one of the producers shot at the same time.


I have questions
Did you just chip a robot? :joy:
I’m guessing that was a NeXT?
Who’s.the butterfly lady? I can see she’s famous but not sure for what.
In that order

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Also, did you develop a desire to become a robot after being around robots?

Why am I even asking, you probably have been thinking about this for a long time…

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Yes and earrings and a tattoo (supporting JR)

Yeah that’s what they bought

Briar Prestidge, she’s like a fashion designer and tech enthusiast and PR/image manager for rich people I guess?

Nah Sophia was impressive but not exactly cutting edge. Besides I’m still a meatsack kinda guy. If the tech was available for everyone to be digitized or put into robots right now I’d still be a cyborg. I refuse to live forever and I think my carbon based chassis is pretty interesting and dynamic. I of course want more advanced tech, but otherwise I’m unbothered, moisturized, happy, in my lane, focused, and flourishing.


I’d sign up to become a robot in a heartbeat! Or is it a clock cycle?


If I had a dollar for every time that someone told me to stay in my lane, Amal would be debating if a third private jet is worth buying.