Brief Write-Up of Tiny Ntags!

So, back on 11.11 I went a bit overboard shopping for stuff on aliexpress! Among other things I found these:

I was super intrigued by their small size while maintaining a flat coil. They finally arrived today!

Although they have adhesive on the back, I’m fairly certain these should be easy to turn into implants.

They read well with my Note 9, although they are a bit finicky because if their size. I’m hoping I get some time to mess around with them after the holidays, but I decided on doing a quick write up now.

If you have any ideas for them shoot them my way!

Taginfo scan:

I got some similar tags as well and I’ve been playing with them… but ultimately I found the read range and overall performance was comparable to the NExT and xNT, but encapsulating with biopoly resin would require additional 2mm diameter, making a needle based installation of these nearly impossible… even with our custom needle… so it seems a moot point to me to make them into implants. I have stuck them around the office on various surfaces just for fun… but reading them with a phone that has the NFC antenna dead on the backside of the phone makes actually using them difficult as well.

Apple is truly the king of product design… they put the NFC antenna right on the top edge so you can tap the top of your phone like a magic wand onto payment terminals and NFC tags… no awkward bullshit. I wish Android phone makers would take the hint.


I totally agree. I love apple as a hardware manufacturer, (for the most part!) most of their products are designed to look good and just plain work. Software is another story. I did have some ideas to add these to a magnet or directly onto the fingernail leds so you could have a micro flexNT.

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Apple do many things well… now;
This antenna placement decision included, but they still have a LONG way to go to win me back.

I had also seen those micro tags, but never bothered ordering any.

Interesting to hear the performance results.
Pretty much what I expected. Thanks for confirming and sharing

Rest assured, they don’t care about you :slightly_smiling_face:

They are worth somewhere between 1 and 2 TRILLION dollars, I think their design is good enough to appeal to enough people!

Yes they do, because I am not alone!

You seriously don’t think they want the Android/ other share of the market.

They want the monopoly!

People like me are people they want onside.
I am one of the many they have lost,
I am one of the many not afraid to tell people of their failings.
I am one of the many that choose not to buy apple.

Enough is NEVER enough for companies like Apple

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To be fair, that’s the case for any for-profit.

Yeah, some just a little more ruthless than others

Oh, they want the many, they just don’t care about the individual.

I imagine there are a lot of people who don’t actually use the features on Android that you do, and could already do everything on an iPhone - those customers are much cheaper to get, and its all about profits!

To make you happy would be a large engineering expense with limited return. They have plenty of money, if it was worth spending it to get you and they cared about you as a user, they would be dropping the cash.

Many individuals ARE the many