Bringing removal kit with into canada

Hi, I have a Titan magnetic implant and I will soon be on a Trip in BC Canada (Coming from Germany).
Im a bit paranoid that it might get infected (Probably not though after 2 years), and would like to bring a few things (2ml Lidocain injection solution, injection needle/syringe, scalpel all in checked in luggage) with for that situation, but Im unsure if that would cause issues or noone would care since its not much and only for one use.

Infected? After two years? The only reason something like the Titan would get infected would be a bad installation that contaminated the device during installation, and the infection would be apparent immediately. Your Titan will be good for life at this point.

Your luggage will get inspected for sure but put all that stuff in a ziplock bag together and don’t try to hide it and they will likely assume medical reasons and let it pass.

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