Brivo Pass Mobile

I just installed the xSIID LED and also just joined a gym. They use the Brivo Mobile Pass app to open the door. Is there a way to write this to my chip?

I’m not familiar with Brivo Pass

my guess is, the app uses either Bluetooth or NFC.

I should say PROBABLY Bluetooth but maybe/hopefully NFC.

When you use your phone for access, do you have to touch it to a reader?


Brivo Mobile Pass

Employees and residents can use their mobile device
as a key to open doors without friction

Leave your phone in your pocket for convenient and easy access

Manage one access credential for multiple facilities and building amenities

Avoid germs with touchless access or use Siri voice commands for hands-free operation

That doesn’t bode well for your xSIID

Is there any form of card access on the doors at all?

No, no cards. Oh well. I thought I’d see if it would work.


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