Broken/Damaged xNT Tag


I’m concerned about a new xNT tag I had put into my hand.

foolishly, I didn’t think to test the tag before I had it injected it into my hand.
Now that it’s in my hand, I’m realizing that it doesn’t work.
I don’t know if that’s because of an improper injection, or if the tag simply
didn’t work before hand.

Obviously this is concerning, but what should I do?

Thank you for you help!

Fear not! Many people have injected our xNT to find “it doesn’t work”, however this is often just a misalignment of expectations. Because the chip cannot be tested while in the needle, we test all of our chips before we put them into injectors. Check the xNT product page under the “More Information” section. There is a subsection called “Practical read range/performance expectation”… have a read and check links included in that section.

Once you’ve read that section, the following will make more sense: First you have to find the “sweet spot” on your phone or reader to get a good read. Attempting to read the xNT through bandaging will be difficult. Inflammation caused by the installation itself can also cause read issues.