Broken FlexM1 Magic

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My flex m1 magic implant broke this June after less than a year of being installed. I bought it from KSEC and contacted them about it. They reffered me here. I would mostly like a new implant to re-do it.

Also my NExT card that I bought from you a few years back is also broken, but maybe that should be a separate topic? I don’t care to much about that, other than that I dislike having so many broken implants in me.

As you might know already, the flexM1 has a history of failures at the moment, and is being reworked:

In the meantime, if you’re certain the implants are broken, you should hit the orange help button on the DT main site as shown in the email (Looks like this: :help:). That way you can get a support ticket started all proper like

I seem to recall DT wanting video of Flex series installs to verify the fact that no tools were used for warranty claims, but I can’t say for sure what they require on a case-by-case basis

I’d be interested to hear what you’ve tried with the implants, and maybe we could troubleshoot them a little and verify their broken status. Especially the NExT, as the x-series should be quite a bit more robust than the FlexM1

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Great. Than you very much for taking the time!

The FlexM1 I was using for entering my school buildings up until June when one day it didn’t let me in any more. I tried reading it with the arduino reader I had also used to write to it but with no luck. I also tried to write to it, but since it couldn’t read there was also no luck. I receive no errors either - it’s as if though there were no card there.

For the NExT I have fewer ways to check wether it works. I have used it for entrance to my apartment building, and it has worked sporadically. Either because the chip itself has been unstable or because the readers are - I really have no good way of knowing.

I have used this: 125KHz RFID Duplicator Key Copier Reader Writer 1 1 176a | Fyndiq to read and write to the chip for the 125 kHz part, and it has worked well for a long time.

For the NFC half of it the only way I could reliably read or write to it was using a Samsung phone, however I have an iPhone now so I have no way of getting to it now. I don’t care much about the NFC half anyways, the 125 kHz is much more important

My guess would be that it’s just a coupling issue, and not a failing implant.

This mod for that cloner may interest you and help you get better performance:

The LF side of the NExT is vulnerable to bricking due to poor connection during writing, so everything you can do to get a better connection helps.

If you have a relatively recent iphone, you should be able to read nfc tags with it, I believe the antenna is usually in the top edge, but you can look for your specific model in the NFC Phone Performance Wiki for more specific advise


True thr T5577 chip has little to no tear protection and can brick. Some have had luck running through a test mode recovery though;



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