Broken (IAmRobot) Implant while at work

That is the most relevant thing. DT takes a lot of care to source materials that won’t break under force, not everyone does though. If your implant broke with the glass DT uses that’s something I want to know. Where’d you get your implant?


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So… Silly question, but since you don’t mention: you got it out, right? Did the doctor have to open your hand up and fish out itty bitty bits of glass, or did it come out in two neat pieces?


Ah, yes, probably a poor choise of words by me. It is of course relevant. What I was trying to say is that I believe the implant would break in this particular situation no matter what kind of manufacturer I got the implant from, considering the position i chose for it. The chip is now removed, but there might be some bioglass left in the wound. The doctor had some problem getting all the pieces out, and had to close the wound after working on it for three hours. Not a lot of drama surrounding the procedure, but I did get some strange looks from the nurses and doctors who had never seen an implant like this before, haha.

Curious if it was filled with epoxy like DT ones are.

The name of the implant is “NFC RFID Implant X2.1 Dual”. I’ve sent the seller an email and I’m awaiting response, they seem serious, but I’m waiting to see their response before i judge them. However, judging from from what you see in this photo it doesn’t seem like it was filled with epoxy. At least not all of it…

Those are by that IAmRobot place in Germany right? @Rosco started a thread about them and Amal pointed out the deficiencies in how they place the chip inside their implants. Can you tell us more about how it broke?


IAmRobot yeah, that is correct. It broke when I lifted a piece of a 38mm mooring chain into a pile of chains, and got my hand between the chain in my hand and the pile. I don’t know if that makes sense, a bit hard to explain in english.

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That doesnt seem like much effort to break one

Well I should specify, the 38mm measurement is not the total dimension. Each chain link is about 5kg, so the chain is a bit over 30kg per meter. At first I was afraid there was more damage, but it turned out the moderate pain I felt was mostly just irritation from the glass shards.

I might consider getting a new one from DT instead, sometime in the future, but the wound has to heal first anyway so I’ll have time to do some more research first.

So this was purely a crushing injury and did not break skin? (at least significantly)

That is correct, mostly the only visible damage was a slight swelling around the implant.

Yeah thats worrying that it broke like that. It is worth noting in the xray it does seem very close to the bone which would have been a contributing factor.

Interestingly my implant (see picture) again is very close to bone but I have literally come down on top of it with a 5lb lump hammer full force (broke the knuckle next the the implant and had a compound fracture on the next knuckle) with no damage to the implant…

Maybe I’m just lucky.


Interesting to hear, did the knuckle heal properly?

To be honest, on my end it looks like a combination of really bad luck and a lower quality implant. If I do decide to get a new one I’ll try and put it more in the middle, that way I’ll get it away from both the scar tissue and the bone.

The reason I chose the location next to the thumb in the first place was to avoid pressure on it if i for example twist a rope around my hand to get a better grip.

Knuckles healed fine, bit stiff now and again but I’ve gotten used to that (not the only joints I’ve broken)

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I can tell you that there is safe glass and glass with contaminates in it… but also there is thick glass and thin walled glass. The thin walled stuff will crush like nobody’s business… in fact, when we were testing various glass we sent a batch through a simple steam pressure autoclave process and 9 out of 10 shattered from the simple, relatively low pressure autoclave process. Terrible. Glass that is contaminated with impurities can also have structural issues though, so if you have a combination of bad impure glass that is also thin walled…



Ooowie! That ain’t good.

This was my first thought. How’d the doctor react?

Take care of it and get healed up properly. And keep an eye out. The little sharp bits can work their way up to the surface and poke out. Best to get them plucked out so the hole can heal back shut.

Appreciate all the info, I’ll keep it in mind when i decide whether I want a new one.

The doctor was mostly just curious, I guess it’s far from the worst injury they’ve seen. I hope they got everything out, but they said if there is some bioglass left it should become incapsulated and not bother me too much. So conclution is; if there is no irritation after a couple months I don’t see any reason to cut it open again.


Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad time with it ! Definitely looks like an issue with that implant/manufacturer.

Keep us posted with how it goes but hopefully the doctor got things sorted for you.

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Out of curiosity, are the rest the same? Like wouldn’t the whole lot be the same?

For iamrobot ? They would be best to answer that as were only partnered with DT.

I’ve seen a few people having various issues with their products for one reason or another as you’ll see in this forum and some other groups.

DT have a whole document regarding the tests they perform on our implants: X-Series Implantable Transponder FAQ

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