Broken implant adventure (not DT)

I sadly kinda forgot pics for most part.
It feels like the entire ER staff has taken pictures though xD

I asked the doc that cut it out if I could have the X-rays. He was kind enough to take photos of them.

Included are a quick construction site bandage.
IV, X-rays and the pic after

They were really hesitant to do anything at first due to the possible radiation threat for them.
Being very careful and all.
Eventually got tested with a Geiger counter, was quite honestly really funny to me.
After also linking them to a forum page detailing the Firefly implants, thanks a lot for being so detailed, they decided they can take it out.

It was actually rather entertaining.
Everyone working with me was really curious about the implants. I saw the guys in the radiology be really confused about the magnet too.
Was also cracking the one or other dumb joke with the two that took it out.
Only one had actually heard about these implants before.
They had a schooling where they briefly talked about biohacking implants, without using that term. Took pictures of everything to document it for future cases as well.

I had never thought an IV feels so cold.

I hope that satisfies you guys ^.^


Glad to hear you are okay, and awesome pics!

Best hangover cure also.

Did you get to keep the implant?

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Banana bag!

This offering of photos will suffice :rofl: glad all Is well and good, I do think this will serve as a nice warning to others with them.


I did not get to keep it. the one in charge said it was cause safety
The guy who took it out said they will keep it for studying it and as a case example.

And yeah.
For the record. I just lightly hit myself with some pliers.
I hit myself more than once before, stronger.
Just cause it held up 10 times wont meant it will hold up 11 and all that.
It also was in a bit of a bad spot. it migrated a little backwards after implantation. If it weren’t on the bone it would most likely have survived it.


That’s lucky, what a story!
The question what to do in this case stays unanswered…


Soooooo… This hasn’t really helped change your mind, eh @amal? :stuck_out_tongue: (Some day soon I’m gonna get banned for asking, lol.)

Glad you’re ok @Dreamweaver, sounds like you had a hell of an adventure there. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have died (But did you die?), but I guess it’s better not to have to find out.

The hospital staff’s freak out is kind of hilarious, and I’m a little surprised they were actually as interested as they ended up being. But, like, guys, it’s a little bit of tritium, you’ll all be dandy. Now gather round, cut this out of me, and go home and tell your families a new and exciting story.

As an interesting aside, I inquired with the creator of the YouTube channel, Medlife Crisis, Dr. Rohin Francis, specifically about magnet implants and the risks associated with, say, ending up unconscious in a car accident and being plopped into an MRI.

He noted that an MRI would not be used in such a case, so we have nothing here to fear.

Yeah. I wasn’t really worried about the whole thing after I calmed down.

After a while I got the idea to ask them to turn the lights off to check if it still was glowing. And it was.
I think that helped to calm them down as well.

About the Magnet and MRI

I feel like that if you can’t warn them about the Magnet for the MRI, you probably have bigger issues than a magnet in your finger/hand


I also just think it would hurt like he’ll and maybe blister if it heats up. I don’t know if it would rip outta ya.

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Glad everything was somewhat ok in the end!

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Yes, a happy ending, just how I like it. Yesterday I watched a movie from the 90’s, really good one and the fucking television ppl cut off the last 5 minutes. Im a bit pissed. But nice to see that ur okay :slight_smile:

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That is a fair comparison of uncomfortable situations…I feel for you.
unnamed (39)

What was the movie by the way?


My father who is a radiologist and I had this same conversation about the magnets. I thought he’d be pretty annoyed by it and instead he told me to not be silly, MRIs are never used in an emergency situation with an unconscious subject. You get the same visuals from a CT scan (unfortunately with a bit more radiation exposure). They can’t guarantee than an unconscious patient without full medical history doesn’t have other types of metal embedded in their body so it’s not indicated for emergency procedures.


IIRC, an MRI would be better indicated for soft tissue anyway, and I don’t think they tend to be immediately worried about soft tissue damage if you’re in a severe enough car accident to where they’re trying to dump you straight into a scanner.

NICE!!! I often worry about smashing mine. For years I’ve been doing home reno (hardcore as in tearing out and putting up walls, re routing copper piping, putting in doors and windows where there were none, etc.) and now I find I’m more aware of that hand. But there will be that one day… Like yours. Great story though. Pretty sick.

@Mariarangok that’s a neat thing to know. Thanks.

@MsVanwolf I’m an electrician so I know what you mean with that worry. Mostly do maintenance in private properties but every now and then I do end up with the rough construction jobs.
Funnily enough what killed it was…drywall. Some moron plastered over some cables when they put in a wall in the basement and that I had to chisel it free. One rather light hit on a really bad spot was all it took that day. Probably was already chipped from another time.

Now I sit here, mildly bothered by the sutures every time I put too much weight on the hand when doing something…Having gotten a slip of paper that basically means a week of sick leave. All in all not too bad


The movie of the book “Outbreak” by Robin Cook. I think the movie is from 1995

EDIT: Oh and i think the name of the movie is Virus :stuck_out_tongue:

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Little update:
Got a call today about them wanting to know just how much Tritium is contained in the Implant due to them being unsure how to dispose of it.

Second call: Lead hand Surgeon inviting me for a meetup for an interview on biohacking.
Guess I really sparked interest in the hospital there


Ouuh very nice. Please rock that interview and get some doctors in the scene!
Tbh what you’ve been through is kinda a horror story, so they might use you as bad example, but idk, I think this is very very positive.
It’s not clear, so I ask, you accepted the invitation?


I will go to it, yeah. Be it just so that the next one with that issue will have possibility of having medical staff that has some resources to fall back to.

He said it would be a bit of a case report and a general information exchange.
They had a short story about an RFID implant in one of their journals, but that was mainly just a “it exists” kind of thing.
And there’s interest in learning more due to this whole stuff having become a bigger and bigger thing over the years.

And I guess it’s also a good thing to get what’s basically our side of this topic known before some other sides get in. There’s always a controversy to all of this


I’m kind of unaware about previous discontinued products, but was it a glow in dark implant? and what was inside of it? All I know is that it had some radioactivity.

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