Broken links on website

All of the links to customer projects on the xEM Access Controller v2 page appear to be broken. Since there’s no other way to contact DT, I thought I’d post here.



This is the error

This is the link to the page of links that I have linked for you to look at the links


Thanks buddy; whilst Amal looks at the redirects, was there a specific project you were interested in?

Is a good place to start, but if you need a hand navigating to a specific project. myself or somebody else could probaly find you the link…

The search function on the Forum works pretty well, so if you take the text from the project listed that you are interested in, you should get close to the result you want eg.

the f record in the zone got erased :confused:

should be working now


Thanks everyone, I really just wanted someone to know the links weren’t working…

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