Broken xem please help

hello together,
maybe someone can help me?
For a few days my ship has stopped working (XM) kicked me in place Well, and since then it does not work anymore! Have an X-ray on it, what I think is clearly recognizable that he is broken in the lower part (the antenna) not the glass tube! Can someone help me if it is broken or not! Did it with the clone several times trying to read again, but does not work! For help, I am grateful
Greetings Oliver

Hello @Oliver,

The chip is not broken. The actual silicon “die” (the small silicon IC) is attached to a small circuit board and this circuit board is attached to the antenna rod with very small wires. The chip “floats” separately from the antenna rod, but it is all encased in epoxy resin so it is extremely resilient.

Have you attempted to clone data to your xEM or change the data on it? Did it stop working immediately after your injury?

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