BTicino door entry system

Hello all,

So recently they installed a new door entry system in our appartment building. The BTicino Sfera line.
It is even possible to add key card reader, I might buy one and test it out with implants :smiley:

But that’s not what I achieved. I have my own reader, like the xAC and found a way to “talk” to the BTicino system through the SCS bus and tell it to open the front door.

At first I tried to build my own prototype to listen to the bus signals but my reads were inconsistent.
I followed some guidance material from here and here.
So after a few weeks tweaking, testing and still getting incosistent reads. I decided to just buy a SCS shield from ebay for 77 euro’s (shipping included).

I was able to capture the command from the intercom using the example code here to open the front door and replay it when I scanned my NeXT.

Since it took myself a while to gather information about it and get it to work. I thought it might be usefull to post it here and bundle some links. (2 websites are in Italian, thank god for google chrome translate function) :smiley:


indeed! links tend to die though… if you have a way to easily translate and post the content here, that would be great!

Tehol I live and work in Italy. If you need help with Italian or you want me to look over your translations, DM me and I’ll see you right.