Building Proxmark3 on MacOS

I’m following the instructions here but it keeps defaulting the platform to PM3RDV4 when I do brew install. Here I’m setting the var and verifying that it’s set


This is what I see when I try to install:

$ brew install --HEAD proxmark3
==> Installing proxmark3 from rfidresearchgroup/proxmark3
==> Cloning
Updating /Users/<user>/Library/Caches/Homebrew/proxmark3--git
   3fe6c417b..899f269a9  master     -> origin/master
==> Checking out branch master
Already on 'master'
Your branch is behind 'origin/master' by 14 commits, and can be fast-forwarded.
  (use "git pull" to update your local branch)
HEAD is now at 899f269a9 Fix wtf bug in t55xxAquireAndCompareBlock0
==> make clean
==> make all BREW_PREFIX=/usr/local PLATFORM=PM3RDV4

I also tried setting the platform to PM3GENERIC since that’s what’s in the Makefile.platform according to the Windows instructions.

Has anyone else gotten this working?

I managed to install fine without setting and variables beforehand, and have been using my RDV4.01 no trouble.

Is setting the variable necessary?

not if you have an RDV4 … but if you have an Easy or any other type then yes.

Yeah, I have the Easy.

I managed to get it working with a mix of Homebrew and standard make commands. I filed a bug with the Iceman team and they’re helping me figure out what went wrong.

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I believe the homebrew stuff changed. I had someone advise me of this but don’t have edit permissions.

There’s a command, --with-generic for the build line now.

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It looks like setting the environment variable isn’t the right way to select the platform anymore. The new way is to use --with-generic according to this documentation: GitHub - RfidResearchGroup/homebrew-proxmark3: Homebrew tap containing proxmark3 software/firmware