Bumpy scar : Should I do something about it?

So, I self implanted a NExT almost two months ago and the healing process has been quite slow.
I blame that slowness mostly to the fact that the little “flap” of skin didn’t unfold to close the wound when I removed the needle.
Pain wise, the implant is absolutely fine right now.
My only slight worry is that, comparing my implant site with pictures/videos of other people with implants, I seem to have quite a noticeable bump where the needle pierced the skin :confused:
It is a really small cosmetic thing but I was wondering about ways to reduce that bump. Has any of you ever had that kind of scarring?
(I’ve included a picture to show what it looks like but the pic makes it look better than it actually is)

As far as I’m aware there were no doctors or dermatologists on the forum to answer you professionally; however from what I can see, it looks like a nicely healed scar and as you rightly stated probably raised due to the skin flap. In addition to that do you remember which way the bevel was facing when you did the injection?
it will be a good learning point for other people.
Normally the skin flap is pushed inward when somebody does a bevel up install but not always.
If it does bother you, I guess you could search scar removal/reduction.

Initially if it was me and I wanted it “gone” I might look at skin dermabrasion, or grabbing an Emery board to “sand it down” over a few well spaced sessions.

But your best bet is going to a dermatologist.

Otherwise, TO ME it looks like nice clean pink scar tissue

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Pretty much what @Pilgrimsmaster said the only thing I would add is its still healing the scar will continue to fade, the raised portion as you said is scar tissue and will do no harm but if you want it “fixed” speak to a dermatologist.


Scar cream or seeing a dermatologist is your best bet if it really bugs you, but the scar will continue to fade the longer time goes on. As far as why you got a scar like that @Pilgrimsmaster is spot on, it’s definitely from the bevel direction.

See below for a helpful infographic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




both of these were bevel up also. But they sink.

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Well scars are one of the risks of any type of surgery.
Looks like it wasn’t closed cleanly after the incision.
That’s nothing in my opinion… at least if it stays that size.
Depending on your genetic makeup this can happen:

It can happen in all races, not just blacks.

Avoid irritating it further, a small piece of self adhesive cloth sports tape cut in a .5 or so circle and kept on for a week or two will help support the healing tissues and protect it from further insults. Don’t use this with DMSO unless you clean off the residue adhesive first.

Get some DMSO and apply 2X a day to help the inflammation. Read up on it first; skin must be free of any toxins. Keep plastics and paint away from DMSO.

Give it enough time, it’ll go away. Mine healed quickly, but looked like tick bites for quite some time. They took almost 4 months to fully disappear. And all my implants were bevel up, just to prove that it doesn’t matter one bit :slight_smile:


Everyone heals and scars differently. Look at photos of scarification. Some people get lighter scars, others stay red, others get bumpy, others are consistently raised across the length of the scar. A little abnormality is normal.

For me, the smaller syringe for the NExT left a little discolouration and is perfectly flat. For the larger xM1 syringe, I’ve got a bit more of a red tinge and it’s slightly raised, and has been progressively getting smaller as time goes on. I heal slowly, I expect it will get flat, its not far off now, but I’m not concerned.

In short, if that was me, I wouldn’t be worried, but if you’re at all concerned you should seek medical advice.

Also, see a doctor immediately if there is any sign of infection - if it’s weirdly warm to the touch, if it looks that nasty yellow colour, or if it causes immense pain to touch.

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Have struggled with a keloid bump on my nose piercing since i got it done a year ago.tried everything under the sun and was about to give up and deal with this bump on my nose, til i found dermal md scar removal! Withing 5 days the lump has almost fully disappeared and the discoloration is improving. Will continue to use as directed but would 100% recommend

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