Bus card details?

My little island (IOM) has a bus service with NFC cards. I’ve given mine a scan with NFC tools and was just wondering what details one would transfer onto their implant should they want to keep their bus card on it. I’ve a spark 2 and I’ll attach a pic of the NFC tools scan

I think you have a little more reading to do. The Spark 2 implant can only be used to the VivoKey service, you cannot store data or ID’s for other systems on it (but if the system lets you register the UID of your spark, it can still operate other systems). The closest you can get to something like that would be choosing a website to redirect people to when scanned using the VivoKey app.

Your card is also a DESFire card, which is a secure card that can not be cloned unless you know the secret encryption keys that the transit company keeps control of - I’m afraid you’re pretty much out of luck.

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So that’s a DESFire chip so this should not be clonable.
What I would try in this situation is:

  • get a flexDF (maybe DF2 also works, ask others)
  • before implantation try to get to someone who could enroll you implant (show off your implants, maybe they are interested and will send you to the right person) https://dngr.us/guide has some tips
  • once you enrolled your implant and tested it, install it

Since you mentioned it’s a little island, I imagine this is just a relatively small company and if that’s true you have higher chances to make this happen than anyone I’ve read of!
Maybe you start a little trend and it becomes the cyborg island.


Thanks. I thought due to the NFC I’d be able to but thinking about it through the vivokey I should have known this. Many thanks.

While it would be very ironic for the the Isle of Man to become the cyborg island there’s still about 80k of us so not an easy task. Thanks for the ideas though!

It’s a shame that payment and transit are two of the most requested things, but they are the hardest to do.

Because they are linked to a real bank account or a ‘stored value’ and cloning or tampering with them can have real world financial impacts, they are protected very well.

Unfortunately the only way to get to play in their nice, safe, sandbox is for them to open the gate.

There have been cases where transit authorities have used older, less secure cards - and in basically all cases, people have modified their credit value, or made their ticket not expire, or all manner of things that cause chaos - they’ve learnt their lesson!

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It’s a shame. I thought cause I was a small Island I might have found a nice lower security but we’re quite up to date. Oh well. We’ll see in the future.

I tried that a while ago: I contacted my local public transit authority, got an email back from a person there who was VERY interested in the idea, had a few promising exchanges with a few other people there, but it petered out anyway.

Not so easy, even if you manage to talk to the right person…

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But maybe it works. + Maybe it makes news. + Could be good for the community, at least someone talks about this. = Worth a try.

Sad it didn’t work for you :frowning:

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Well, hope is not lost: one of the major reasons why my attempt failed is because I asked just before the whole coronavirus business started, and by the time someone interested got back to me, then their more lukewarm boss got involved, the final reply was “Yes, interesting, but we can’t do nothing because of the virus right now. We’ll get back to you sometime.” When someone tells you that, whatever the reason, you know what it means usually…

But, you never know. When the virus thing dies down a bit more, I’ll give the door another knock.


Glad to hear it’s possible. My girlfriends dad happens to be a bus driver so If you ever get it going it would be interesting to hear.

I have a couple of ideas for you.
KSEC have some test cards, so a cheap and easy test.
Use your Friendly busdriver contact to get in with the correct “card management person(s)”, and take you “Bring your own card” to try and enrol your test card.
If the card works, you may have a solution for a FlexDF, FlexDF2 or xDF2
DesFire EV2 can be backward compatible to EV1



This card is substantially more expensive than the above 2, but it has a changable UID, so you could change the UID to your current bus card UID, however, It likely won’t work because the ATS / ATQA values are fixed.(SAK values can be modified upon request at the factory.)
Also there is no DESFire implant with changable UID…But if you are interested